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Florida's PremieR Guitar Specialty Shop

Committed to professionally selected products & world class service & repair for your instrument.

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Who We Are


Joel Hosler

Co-Owner/ Master Luthier

Joel Hosler, like his father, has over 25 years of experience building and repairing stringed instruments. He grew up watching and working along side his father at The Guitar Workshop in the Carolinas. Getting hired on at Taylor guitars in 1996 in the final assembly department, Joel began to work his way up in the company quickly becoming the head trainer and repairman for final assembly and eventually moved into the repair/custom shop where he became one of the head repairman.​

Joel also toured on and off throughout the late 90's and early 2000's releasing multiple albums with his band Noise Ratchet. Joel fronted the band where he worked and recorded with Grammy winning producers Rick Ruben and Nick Raskulinecz. After the band he landed back to Southern California where he returned to Taylor Guitars. After leaving Taylor in 2007 he worked on guitars at his home shop in So Cal and lead worship at a church in SoCal.
In 2016 Joel & his family returned to his home state of Florida, where he opened and runs SEVEN C MUSIC in St. Petersburg with his father.

David Hosler

Owner/ Master Luthier

David Hosler has more than 40 years of experience designing, building and repairing stringed instruments. His Luthery experience is combined with playing lead guitar for many touring bands throughout the 80's and early 90's.


David first began working and building guitars in Florida.  In the early 80's he moved to Greenville, South Carolina where he opened the Guitar Workshop in Travelers Rest, SC building and servicing guitars.  His reputation and skills brought David to the attention of Taylor Guitars which soon offered him a position with the iconic company.  In the fall of 1996 he and his family moved to join Taylor Guitars in Southern California. During his time at Taylor Guitars, his talents and experience moved him up in the company, soon earning the title Vice President of Customer Service, Repair and Quality Control.  David's creative insight and experience also led him to design and create Taylor Guitars’ first proprietary pickup system, "The Taylor Expression System."  Legendary audio designer, Rupert Neve, worked together on the project and the original Expression System won numerous awards, including the coveted TEC award from the Mix Foundation.  In the following years David led the development of the Taylor T5, T3 and Solidbody line of Taylor Guitars.

In 2014 David brought another industry changing pickup design to Taylor Guitar by creating the highly acclaimed Expression System 2.

Retiring from Taylor in June of 2015 David moved back to his home state of Florida to open and operate

SEVEN C MUSIC in St. Petersburg with his son Joel.


Hunter Allen

Master Luthier

Hunter Allen is a native Texan, born and raised on a ranch in central Texas.  In the early 1980's he moved from there to the Country Music Capital of the world, Nashville, TN. Once there he apprenticed at a small guitar shop in Spring Hill TN. learning instrument repair and building as a trade.  It wasn't long after he was hired on as one of the head repairman at Glasers Instruments in Nashville. Hunter spent 30 years at Glasers working on instruments for many legends in the music business such as, Emmy Lou Harris, Clint Black, Willie Nelson, Tony Joe White, Dwight Yokum, Keith Urban, Ricky Skaggs, Joe Bonamassa and many more... 

In 2016 Hunter moved to St Petersburg, FL enjoying the beach lifestyle and the local music scene.  Not long after moving to St Pete he joined the SEVEN C MUSIC family. With his experience and knowledge, Hunter is a great addition to the shop and a perfect compliment to the service we offer.



World Class Service

The heart of the Seven C Music Workshop is offering service and repair at a whole new level.  Acoustic or electric, our luthiers & craftsman have over 100 years of combined experience

repairing and restoring local and professional musicians instruments to perfect playability. 

Take a moment to look through our service page to discover a new and better way

to take care of your instruments.

We offer warranty service for

Taylor, Martin, FENDER, Collings, Waterloo,

Guild, Duesenberg, Fano & Eastman guitars.  

Instrument Setups

A proper professional setup on a stringed instrument can take it from unplayable to enjoyable and inspiring!

Like other services, there’s a technical part and an experience part of doing a professional setup that makes the difference. Our luthiers have over the experience to make sure your instrument is playing its absolute best

when it leaves our shop.



If your instrument needs a fret dressing or refretting, we’ve seen and done it all on every kind of guitar. 

Our fret services are some of the best in the industry; from stainless steel to evo gold, our unique process of pressing frets, get you the perfect fret job every time. If you've had a bad fret job done or maybe your frets are just worn out, we can get your instrument playing perfect again. 


We work quickly and efficiently to make sure your new pickups are installed professionally and cleanly. Acoustic or electric we offer the highest quality pickups from  L.R. Baggs to Seymour Duncan. 


If you have a dirty pot or sticky switch, we use only the quality replacement parts from companies like Switchcraft, CTS, and Emerson in our electronics repair and upgrade services.

We can get your instrument sounding like you need it to. 



Whether your vintage guitar needs a neck reset or your instrument was dropped and damaged, our craftsman can reset the neck to the precise angle needed or repair the damage to almost look new again.  

We use the highest quality glues and techniques to be sure your instrument hold together for the rest of its life.

Finish Work

From vintage Nitrocellulose Lacquer to modern UV Polyester we use tried and true techniques used by Martin, Taylor & Collings. 

Whether you dinged your guitar, have a blemish or just want your guitar polished to its original sheen, we can get your instrument looking new again. 


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